Piranha CMS

The CMS framework with an extra bite

Manage the content you want,
the way you want.

Kickstart your new web project

With Piranha CMS you will be up and running in no time. The framework is built on standard Microsoft patterns and easily adopts to your workflow whether your using ASP.NET MVC or Web Pages.

Piranha CMS is compatible with both Visual Studio and Web Matrix and is easily installed with NuGet. It uses the latest technologies as MVC 5, Web Pages 3, Entity Framework 6 and Microsoft MEF.

Add content management to your existing web

Include Piranha CMS in your existing web site and add content management to it with ease. No specific code, base classes or routing is needed for Piranha CMS to work. Simply add your existing pages into the manager interface and then use the content in your application.

Don't spend time on learning how to develop applications for yet another framework. Instead, do what you do best and let Piranha CMS handle your dynamic content without getting in your way.

Build your own content hub

Use the included API to sync and download the content to your Mobile, Javascript or Desktop application. Or why not use Piranha CMS as the central content hub for all of your different applications regardless of target platform or device.

A simple HTTP/JSON based API ensures that you can integrate your applications with Piranha CMS no matter what device, programming language or operating system you're using.