License update

Published: 8/16/2012, Author: Håkan Edling Categories: Piranha, 0 Comments

In order to ensure that all future forks and derivate work of the core library remains open source we have changed the license from Apache 2.0 to LGPL.

The license for the three core libraries Piranha, Piranha.Entities and Piranha.Globalization has been updated from Apache 2.0 to LGPL. This is to ensure that all future forks and derivate work based on these libraries remain open source for you to access. Note that the template project itself distributed through NuGet is not licensed with LGPL.

For you not that familiar with open source licenses, what does this mean? Well, the LGPL license forbids making proprietary forks or modifications to a library. This means that no one can take the source code for any of the Piranha libraries, modify them and then package them to a commercial closed-source product. This ensures that you will have access to all forks, modifications and derivate work created from the libraries.

The template itself that you use to create your site is not licensed the same way. This enables you to build commercial proprietary software that uses the libraries.

We hope that everyone will benefit from this change.

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